Powercut, live music...

Powercut is opening the Prince of Wales Ham Hill's live music of 2018. They are a pop/rock cover band from the South West.

Drawing on their vast musical experience covering Rock, commercial pop, and Country, Chris, Dave, Rob & Ben have created a covers band with a difference. A mix of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and now (recently added) keyboards plus extensive use of four-part harmony vocals enables the band to tackle almost all genres of popular music.

The band’s repertoire can only be described as extensive. Artists featured include greats from the 1960’s (The Beatles, The Who, Monkees), through the 1970’s, 80’s & 90’s ( REM, Stereophonics, Oasis, Jam) to the present day (Mumfords, Coldplay, Fratellis, Killers, Kings of Leon).

The main criteria in the choice of material are that the song will be known to the vast majority of listeners, without reliance on songs that may have been covered by many pub bands before.

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