Our Beers and Ales

These do frequnetly chenge, but here are some of our regulars

Butcombe Brewery Bitter and Adam Henson (Countryfile) Rare Breed http://butcombe.com/beers.shtml

Yeovil Ales – Lynx Wildcat, Summerset, Star Gazer http://www.yeovilales.com

Otter Brewery – http://www.otterbrewery.com/

Teignworthy Brewery – Reel Ale – http://www.teignworthybrewery.com/

Cheddar Ales – http://www.cheddarales.co.uk/

Sharps – Doom Bar https://www.sharpsbrewery.co.uk/our-beers/doom-bar.html

DBC – http://www.dbcales.com/#!our-beers/c1eek

Bath Ales – https://www.bathales.com/

Staropramen – http://www.staropramen.com/

Pravha – http://www.pravha.co.uk/

The Prince of Ales

Fit for a prince! This regal delight, combines Maris Otter malting barley, aromatic Herefordshire hops and Mendip spring water, combined with a sprinkling of the delicious, fruity Cascade hop, to create this distinctive, refreshing, and clean-tasting pale ale.