Buffet Menu for Functions

Section 1

Mini Mixed Quiche

Mediterranean Skewers (GF)(V)

Breaded Jalapeno Stuffed Peppers (V)

Mini Savoury Eggs

Cheddar Cheese Stars (V)

Mini Savoury Pies

Mini Toad in the Hole

Chicken Balti Samosa (S)

Mini Calzone Selection

Sweet Potato & Falafal Bites (V)

Mini Pizza – Cheese & Tomato or Pepperoni

Mac & Cheese Bites

Section 2

Mini Chocolate Eclairs (V)

Mini French Fruit Tarts (V)

French Macaroon’s (V)

Oriental King Prawns

Seafood Canapes

Mini Cheese Burger Crostini

Mini Pie Selection – Beef & Ale / Chicken & Tarragon

Mini Salmon Begals

Fig & Goats Cheese Parcels or Salmon & Crab Parcels

Section 3

Chicago Canape’s

Mini Afternoon Tea Sponges

Temptation Canapes

Assorted Petit Fours

Parisian Bistro Canapes

Section 4

Selection of Meat & Vegetarian Sandwiches

Selection of Meat & Vegetarian Open Rolls

Selection of Meat & Vegetarian Tortilla Wraps

V = vegetarian   GF = gluten free   N = nuts   S = spicy  

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, then please speak to a member of staff before ordering.  Thank you.

Option 1 – £8.50 per head – 5 section 1, 3 section 2, 1 section 3, 1 section 4

Option 2 – £10.50 per head – 5 section 1, 4 section 2, 2 section 3, 1 section 4

Some items may be subject to change due to notice period or availability. If you would like to mix and match then please ask and a price can be arranged.

We can also supply a large number or cakes if you wanted to sweeten up your party or your looking at an afternoon tea style event, again please ask for details.


Email  princeofwaleshamhill@hotmail.co.uk